Adherium’s Response to COVID-19

Adherium takes the threat of, and necessary risk management for, COVID-19 extremely seriously. We are a small global business prioritising the safety of our staff, and customers – including, indirectly, patients – to take all the necessary steps to minimise the spread and impact of this virus.

We are supporting and protecting our people in line with relevant local government and health authority guidelines. This includes flexible home working, and restricting travel to reduce the number of interactions with people, while continuing to remotely support our team and stakeholders where possible.

We are continuously monitoring our supply chains to minimise potential disruption, and ensuring the needs of patients using our devices are prioritised.

Adherium has a new management team, organisation, and strategy, alongside a clear set of priorities. With safety being our first priority we believe that with a focused effort alongside our partners, including effective home-working, we will progress a number of these key initiatives in the short term. We will continue to review progress on this, given the environment and restrictions as we move through this challenging period. 

In the meantime, we remain committed to working through these challenging times with all of our stakeholders to ensure we minimise the impact, and sustain a secure future.

Medication nonadherence.

A $300B+ healthcare problem.1

More than 50% of patients suffering chronic illness do not take their medication as prescribed. This leads to poor patient outcomes, disease progression, and an estimated burden of $100B - $300B1 annually in avoidable direct healthcare costs in the US alone2 , and a $564B burden globally3.

What is adherence?

Adherence is a measure of the extent to which a patient follows a plan agreed upon with their health care provider for the treatment of their health condition. Non-adherence means that patients can struggle to balance their need to take medications against the other demands in their lives.




The HailieTM Solution (previously known as the Smartinhaler™ Platform) is the world’s most clinically proven asthma and COPD medication adherence solution.

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Invest in the future of medical.

Adherium is a global leader in digital health technologies, providing patients suffering from chronic disease with solutions to help monitor and achieve optimal adherence. Clinical evidence shows that the use of HailieTM technology (previously known as Smartinhaler™ technology) in asthma substantially increases adherence for preventative and maintenance medications and reduces severe exacerbations in adults and children.

In 2014, global sales revenues in excess of US$36 billion were directly attributable to asthma and COPD. Substantial market opportunities therefore exist for technologies that demonstrate improved adherence and better clinical outcomes, while also potentially optimising the commercial performance of those global pharmaceutical companies that adopt the Hailie™ solution. 

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