Adherium’s sensor technology and cloud-based data collection solution provide a clinically proven medication adherence solution, with extensive inhaled medication coverage. ​


The accelerated adoption of telehealth and remote patient monitoring, together with favourable reimbursement in the US, plays directly to Adherium’s strengths.


Global treatment guidelines recommend the use of electronic monitoring tools in the assessment of the adherence of patients with difficult-to-treat or severe asthma, prior to changing their medication.


Targeted for launch in 2022, an exciting new generation of sensors which enable the capture of physiological parameters.

Adherium Limited is an international Respiratory eHealth company focused on patient adherence, remote monitoring and data management solutions for patients, physicians, payers, and providers. Adherium’s Hailie® sensor technology and cloud-based data platform enables physicians and payers to optimally manage patients with difficult-to-treat and severe asthma and COPD, and reduce direct and indirect healthcare costs.

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