At Adherium we are committed to attracting the best available talent, developing the capability of our people, and creating highly engaged and high performing teams who demonstrate our values and deliver great results for the patients, our customers, and shareholders.

We are currently recruiting for the following positions:

  • Software Architect

    Melbourne, Australia | Full-Time Permanent

    Responsible for the leadership of Adherium’s Software Architecture, Software Development and testing activities including the alignment of the Architectural requirements with our key suppliers and development partners. The Software Architect will be responsible for the software development life cycle and ensuring all software development practices follow best practice and are compliant with all policy and procedures, and the delivery of customer developed solutions hosted on PaaS/SaaS hosting models in Microsoft Azure.

    The role will work with cross-functional teams and a range of internal and external stakeholder to manage the delivery of integrated solutions within the defined Product Development Lifecycle and/or Business Change Projects.

  • Software Test Engineer

    Melbourne, Australia | Full-Time Permanent

    The Software Test Engineer spans the entire product development lifecycle from inception to launch. This person plays a vital role in verification and validation of Adherium products and liaises throughout the software development lifecycle with the rest of the software development team.

  • Application Developer

    Melbourne, Australia | Full-Time Permanent

    The Application Developer will be part of Adherium’s software development team delivering clinically led applications and platform to support and enhance Adherium’s Respiratory Management platform and services.

    This role will be responsible for the development and support of Adherium’s Respiratory applications hosted on Adherium’s PaaS/SaaS platform - Microsoft Azure. Working with cross-functional teams and a range of internal and external stakeholder to manage the development of integrated solutions to delivery Respiratory Care for our customers.

In addition to these roles, we are always on the lookout for amazing and highly skilled people – if this is you then please get in touch.

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