Adherium at HIMSS

Adherium at HIMSS

22 Feb 2017

James Hattersly, senior vice president of business development at smart inhaler and respiratory health management company Adherium, said that adage applies even in his organization, where clinical outcomes drive most of their product development.

“It can't be always focused on just physician side or clinical side, although that is the basis for some of the technology for things like respiratory, neurology, obesity, hypertension,” Hattersly said. “But if you can look at another value or outcome for the patient that is, for lack of a better term, closed-loop, a connection that they have with the use of their medication, the use of their devices, I think that is extremely important because then they feel more of a connection instead of feeling like they are leaving something to chance. We all know what can happen when you leave something to chance.”


Hattersly shared how Adherium takes product design especially to heart, because if an inhaler is clunky, a patient will not use it properly and it will affect actualization and inhalation of their medication.

“It needs to be used properly, and it if is too complicated or not something they are willing to use and get a benefit out of, what’s the longevity of that tool going to look like? Hattersly said. “That’s very important because we don’t want people, especially those who have moderate to severe asthma, to stop using the tool.”

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