Asthma UK’s ‘Smart Asthma’ report highlights opportunity to improve asthma care through connected health

Asthma UK’s ‘Smart Asthma’ report highlights opportunity to improve asthma care through connected health

10 Feb 2017

Melbourne, Australia, 10 February 2017, Adherium Limited (ASX: ADR, ‘Adherium’), a global leader in digital health technologies addressing sub-optimal medication use in chronic disease, welcomes the recommendations highlighted in Asthma UK’s report on the use of connected devices in managing asthma, published today. ‘Smart Asthma for the UK; Real world implementation of connected devices to reduce asthma attacks’, highlights the opportunities for healthcare providers to positively influence clinical and economic outcomes for asthma care in the UK through the use of connected devices and improved technology infrastructure.

The ‘Smart Asthma for the UK’ report details the need for connected technology to be researched, reviewed and rolled out collaboratively on a national scale. A global leader in academic and commercial research the UK is ideally placed to lead in the development and strategic implementation of connected technologies for asthma, with its diversity of cultural backgrounds, environments and national health service. 

Having pioneered smart inhaler technology and its benefits to asthma care over the past decade, Adherium has always worked closely with both patients and clinicians in the development of its products.  Adherium has supported Asthma UK in this review of the smart inhaler landscape, with clinical data for the report being taken from studies using Adherium’s proprietary Smartinhaler™ technology which is also being used in the Europe-wide ‘myAirCoach’ initiative.  Smartinhaler™ has been used in more than 65 studies to date (clinical, device validation or other) and referenced in 56 peer reviewed journal articles. Clinical outcomes data has proven that the Smartinhaler™ platform can improve adherence by up to 59% in adults and 180% in children and reduce severe episodes by 60% in adults, leading to improved quality-of-life and demonstrating a substantial gain over current best practice treatment.

Asthma UK’s ‘Smart Asthma’ report can be found here:

Garth Sutherland, CEO of Adherium said: “This report highlights some important issues and makes key recommendations to improve the use of and infrastructure around connected devices for asthma management in the UK. Following NICE’s acknowledgement in its Medtech Innovation Briefing last month that our proprietary Smartinhaler™ technology can improve adherence to asthma medication, we believe that professionally developed, clinically proven devices will be essential in the wider adoption of connected asthma management in future. 

“Through our work with Asthma UK and Europe-wide initiatives such as the myAirCoach programme, we continue to provide leadership in the respiratory medication adherence space, contributing our extensive research and knowledge base to establish best practice in this key European market.”

Adherium has contributed to the ‘Smart Asthma’ report and also participated in the associated roundtable discussion hosted by Asthma UK on 9 February 2017.  Scott Fleming, Adherium’s Senior Vice President of Business Development, Europe is available for media comment.

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